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Nature Lovers Gift Set

Perfect for the nature lover! Sustainable, chemical-free and made in Canada. These products allows one to enjoy the outdoors while offering protection from the sun and those pesky little bugs!


The Serendipity Soy Candle Company

Hair and Body Care

Nature Lover



Comfortable and long lasting

Everyone can enjoy cottage life!

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  • For Those Who Love Lake Life

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For Those Who Love Lake Life

For those who love nature.

Giving Back

A Grassroots NGO. Cottage Country's Conservation Organization.

Yes, we sell eco-friendly products, but we wanted our company to be more than that.  For us, being Canadian-made, with eco-friendly materials is just one facet of who we are.  We also wanted the opportunity to give back locally in a way that educates and inspires people to do better for our planet.  We came across The Land Between, and more specifically their Turtle Guardians project, and knew immediately that this is where we wanted to give back.  It has been fascinating to learn how turtles are part of the foundation of our whole ecosystem, and without them, it could literally collapse!  As an educator, I appreciate the way that Turtle Guardians connect kids and their community with nature.  It is such a valuable learning experience for them and the curriculum connections made are so engaging!  This is such a great way to develop and inspire change makers.  We’d like to start off by donating $1 to Turtle Guardians for every hoodie we sell.  We truly value this opportunity.